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Massage therapy +

Under the name "Wellify", Belinda's goal is to enable women, through massage therapy, to reach their full physical and emotional potential.

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Meet Belinda


Meet Belinda


Meet Belinda


Meet Belinda


Individual session at 50€.
Balance, Teleworking, Maternity, Sport and Student packages are also available.
To be consulted on the website.


Centre Champaca 227 Avenue Brugmann 1050 Brussels

Your background?
After a burnout, I discovered for myself the effects of reflexology on my energy. I realised that this was what I wanted to bring to women. To literally feel the energies (re)circulating in your body is an invaluable power and the first step towards becoming aware of your full potential.

What is massage therapy?

Literally, the term "massage therapy" means "the massage that heals".

It is in fact a set of manual therapeutic massage techniques. These techniques are of ancestral origin and were used in many cultures and civilizations.

In spite of the great variety of manipulations and their different philosophies, these massage techniques all have more or less the same objective: to promote muscular and nervous relaxation, blood and lymph circulation, the functioning of vital organs and the awakening of a psycho-corporal consciousness.

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